Can Lack of Sleep Lead to High Blood Pressure? Find the Best Mattress for a Healthier Sleep?

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

The lack of sleep can lead to a lot of health problems like hypertension and stress-related disorders. Sleep is the natural medicine of your body, and it is a time when your body shifts to auto repair. For proper repair of the body and mind, you need to sleep soundly for at least 8 hours as an adult. 

Whether you are a child or an adult, you need sleep to recover from daily stress. Without proper sleep, your body faces stress continuously and will malfunction slowly. We often think that diseases are only caused by infection. However, diseases can also be triggered by habits like sleeping late or inadequately. 

With our mattress collection and super comfortable mattresses like Nexa mattresses, we aim to tackle the problem of insomnia and related disorders. When we say disorders, it also means high blood pressure because of sleeplessness. In this article, we try to find the answer to the question, Does lack of sleep cause high blood pressure? 


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How are your sleep and high blood pressure linked with each other? 

Sleep and high blood pressure are linked together, and the impact of sleep on overall health is profound. Sleep is a factor that touches every part of your body, and this also triggers high blood pressure when you lack sleep. Poor sleep can lead to the development of high blood pressure. A healthier sleeping habit can make you better at handling stress and keep your blood pressure under control so you feel and function healthier. 


What is the impact of sleeplessness? 

To understand the question, does lack of sleep cause high blood pressure?, you need to understand the impact lack of sleep can have on the human body. In this section, you will learn how sleeplessness affects the human body and mind. 


Increased release of stress hormones 

The lack of sleep on your part can cause a lack of stress regulation, and you can experience high levels of stress hormones. Your body is under constant stress when it does not rest, and so an insomniac person will have a high-stress hormone level in his body. The higher release of stress hormones can cause your body to suffer from constricted blood vessels and higher blood pressure. 

When the blood vessels are constricted, it causes your blood pressure to shoot up. This is how hypertension develops in people. Therefore, you need to create a good sleep schedule around your bedtime to reduce the level of stress in the body. 


Sympathetic nervous system 

The sympathetic nervous system is also affected to a great extent by the fluctuation of sleep in your daily schedule. Symptoms of low blood pressure while sleeping can also develop if you are not sleeping in the right position or manner. Therefore, not only hypertension, you might even suffer from low blood pressure due to bad sleeping habits. 

Insufficient sleep can also lead to the activation of your sympathetic nervous system, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. It is quite possible that if you are not sleeping properly, you will wake up with the symptoms of high blood pressure. During sleep, your muscles, nerves, and bones go through deep restoration. Through sleep, you can control your nervous system, and there will be no fluctuations in your blood pressure levels. The best mattress for sleep will help you sleep in a deep relaxation state and reduce your hypertension to normal levels. 



When your body does not repair fully, it slowly suffers from inflammation. You will feel very puffy and bloated when inflammation starts to develop. Your face will become puffed up because of the high-stress levels in your body. Inflammation can also affect blood vessels and lead to the development of hypertension as blood pressure levels go unregulated. 

The chronic state of sleep deprivation can create severe inflammation in the body and can also lead to high blood pressure. To reduce inflammation, you need to use a mattress that has excellent pressure relief. If you are asking which mattress is good for sleeping to keep blood pressure under control, you should purchase our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, as it has even pressure distribution. 


Sleep and the cardiovascular system 

The cardiovascular system and the circulatory system are responsible for the maintenance of blood pressure in your body. Sleep has a deeply restorative effect on your body, and this includes the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is affected by stress hormones. On the other hand,  sleep has a regulating effect on stress hormones like cortisol. So, when you sleep, your stress factors go down, and your cardiovascular system is well-regulated. This is crucial in keeping your blood pressure under control. 

The answer to the question can sleep deprivation cause high blood pressure is yes, and this is especially true for people who are stressed and under constant work pressure. You have to struggle with high blood pressure if you do not get adequate sleep on time. Sleep is when your body enters a deep state of relaxation, and the more you relax, the more regulated your blood pressure becomes. 

The Fitrest Premium Mattress is one that has plush quilting and a very comfortable surface for you to sleep on. You can also sleep perfectly as it has Acuprofile technology built into it. It has a gentle feel and healthy breathability, which protects you from sleep stress and sweating. You sleep without any worry on the mattress very easily because of the cool and gentle feel of the bed. As you sleep peacefully, your body wakes up fresh, and your blood pressure remains under control. 

Choosing the best mattress for blood pressure regulation 

Sleep is all about a balanced state of rest where the blood pressure and nervous system are all well-regulated. You need a mattress that gives you proper support and comfort so you can sleep without any disturbance. To get proper sleep on a good bed, choose an orthopaedic mattress like Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress for your bed. 

An orthopaedic mattress is created around the need for spinal alignment and adequate support to your body during sleep. Our ortho collection not only keeps the spinal alignment straight but also regulates the circulatory system so you do not have to struggle with blood pressure fluctuation. 

This saves you from hypertension and also protects you from lower back pain. Moreover, all the mattresses that we create in our Ortho collection come with excellent body support and complete pressure relief. Your body will be free from soreness and pain as it wakes up in the morning. 


Memory foam mattress 

A memory foam mattress provides excellent support to your body and adapts to your sleeping position. As it cushions your hips, shoulders and joints, it relieves pressure and stress from your body. Therefore, when you start sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you do not face any soreness or high blood pressure. 

Our Star Gold Mattress is made of high-quality memory foam, and it helps you sleep peacefully. It is an affordable option, too and has multiple health benefits. The Resitec foam cushions the body and relieves pressure in a few minutes. It also keeps your spine aligned and helps you sleep without any disturbance. 


Hybrid mattress 

A hybrid mattress is one that combines different types of foams and springs to create a balanced sleep surface. Most of our sleeping mattresses are hybrid as they are multi-layered. However, if we have to recommend an amazing mattress from our hybrid collection, it will be the Ortho Pro Spring mattress. 

This mattress combines inner springs with memory foam to give utmost comfort and rest to your body. It relaxes and relieves your body of pain. Because of the relaxing effect that this mattress has, it also helps regulate blood pressure. 


Firm mattress 

Depending on your sleeping position, you need to choose a firm or medium firm mattress. People who sleep on their backs need a firm mattress like the Durafirm 4.0. Those who sleep on their side need a medium soft mattress like the Fitrest Comfort Premium mattress. 

The firmness level can also have a deciding effect on the way your blood pressure is regulated. The most safe bet you can make is a medium firm and breathable mattress. 


If the question is whether sleep deprivation can cause high blood pressure, then we understand that it does. To treat your body and prevent extreme hypertension, you need to make lifestyle changes, which also include changing your sleep pattern. Consciously try to sleep on time and increase your rest time so you feel well-rested and calm in the morning. 

While a good mattress has multiple benefits and helps reduce hypertension, there is also a need for a more relaxing bedtime routine. Does good sleep reduce blood pressure? Yes, but before you try to improve your sleep quality, try to gauge your sleep needs. At Sleepwell, we create mattresses that are excellent for support and comfort. Our extensive mattress collection will help you relax and rest the whole night. 


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