Beyond Utensils: Gifting Options for a Modern Indian Wedding

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

When there is a wedding in the family or in your friend circle, gifting can be a headache. Wedding gifts are the courtesy and norm in India. People gift a diverse array of things to a new couple so that they can begin their married life anew. However, most people just gift money to the couple. While money is useful for the couple, it is not thoughtful. Wedding gifts for couples Should be beautiful and symbolic. 

When you are at an Indian wedding, you are a guest who is there to bless and wish good luck to the couple. The gift that you give should have a positive intent and vibe. It is also important to give useful wedding gifts for marriage that the couple will actually feel thankful to receive. If you can gift something that the couple will use every day, then that is a successful gift-giving endeavour. A sleeping mattress from our collection can be a great pick for wedding gifts. 


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What is the most common type of gift given in Indian weddings? 

Indians love giving gifts to their near and dear ones as it is a love language. However, the act of gift-giving has become very monotonous at weddings. For example, Indian families often gift utensils, crockery and showpieces to the new couple. Bouquets of flowers are the most common gift items that people receive at their wedding. The problem with this is that while gift items for weddings, like flowers and showpieces, do symbolise love and new beginnings, they do not last. 

For a long-standing marriage and a proper new beginning, guests should gift something meaningful and long-lasting to the couple that they will actually use in their daily lives. The flower bouquets will wither, and the showpieces will only gather dust from sitting on a shelf. Therefore, it is important to break the monotonous pattern and choose long-lasting gifts like our Pro Nexa Classic mattress that the couple will use together. 


New gifting ideas for wedding occasions

Here are some amazing gift ideas for the wedding party that are practical and useful for the new couple. The best ideas for gifting come from thinking about what the couple actually needs and how to make it classy. Even a luxury mattress like our Spinetech Air Luxury can be a great choice as a wedding gift if you change your perspective. Apart from our premium quality mattresses, here are the useful bedding and mattresses that you can gift to your friends who are getting married. 


Shared experiences 

When a couple is starting a new life, they need shared experiences to improve their bond and let the love shine. Instead of gifting them things and items that might just be shelved, you can simply choose to gift them a shared experience that they can use to spend their leisure time together and enhance the love between them. You can gift them luxury mattresses so they can experience relaxation together. If gifting them relaxation and leisure is your idea, then you can also gift them a premium mattress like our Premia mattress. A mattress is a great idea because it will help them begin their married life anew and increase intimacy through shared experiences. By gifting them a luxurious mattress, you can improve the ambience of their bedroom so they have a stronger and more intimate bond. 


Customised mattress as gifts 

Most people give simple and generic gifts to couples, which is an overused idea. If you want to gift something meaningful to the couple, then go for customised and personalised wedding gifts. You will find on our  website online that we create customised mattresses as gifts for special occasions. We create customised mattresses specific to the needs of our clients so they get a good night’s sleep every time they head to bed. With customised mattress, you can take care of the nitty gritty details of what they need and you show how close you are to the couple with this gift. If our classic mattresses like the Esteem mattresses is not the right fit to the  new couple bed, then you can ask us to create a new mattress with new dimensions and material for the couple. This will make them feel special and also add new excitement to the bedroom. 

You can even gift them a customised mattress with the help of our customisation services. We understand how special a wedding and marriage bed can be and offer the best customisation services for bed mattresses. 


Luxury bedding 

Apart from mattresses and premium quality items, you can also gift them beautiful and comfortable bedding sets and furnishings. You can select our premium mattresses, like the Naturalle 1.0 mattress, and then pair them with our unique and luxurious bed sheets and pillowcases. We also provide free soft pillows with every couple's mattress so you can gift the new couple a complete bed set. 

Our bed sets are made of premium fabric and are very soft to feel. By gifting them a high-quality bed set, you will be gifting them complete comfort for decades. You can also gift them designer home decor and cushion covers that will make their living room guest-ready. There are so many options available in the furnishings and bedding category that you can never go wrong with the gift. 



Every couple starts their life anew and what they need is a long term investment to show the longevity of their marriage. You need to gift them something of value that they can use regularly and something that feels like a good investment. A good, comfortable and supportive mattress is a great investment in the lifestyle and health of the couple. As newly weds they will love to invest in their health and quality of time spent with each other. A good mattress from our collection ticks all the right boxes in this area. A luxurious mattress with health benefits is a great investment for years. Instead of giving them the hassle of buying a new mattress, give them one from our durable mattresses as a symbol of longevity in their marriage. 


Eco-friendly gifts 

Today, sustainability is the word, and it should also be linked to wedding gifts. You should choose gifts that are sustainable and eco-friendly, so the bride and groom feel good about getting the gift. We also take care of sustainability and eco friendliness when we create our mattresses from safe and natural materials. Instead of gifting something small and flimsy, you can gift them our sturdy naturally strengthened mattresses.We take care of the quality of materials used in the mattress so you can gift it without guilt. Instead of synthetic mattresses, you can buy our natural latex mattress and other organic mattresses for the couple from our collection.  You can also gift organic bedding to the new couple so that they enjoy their sleep on a naturally breathable and supportive bed. You can choose our Latex Plus mattress for a more sustainable and useful gift for the newlyweds. 

More mattress choices as gifts 

We have an extensive collection of mattresses that can be the perfect gift  choices for a new couple or family. Each one of our mattresses is feature packed and you can easily select any one for the couple. We would suggest you getting a high end and luxury mattress for the couple as a wedding gift. Our luxury mattresses are signs of opulence and high end comfort. Here are some mattress choices that will come under different budget tags. 


Mable mattress 

Made of multiple layers of foam and fabric, the mable mattress is a good selection  for couples as it has zero partner disturbance feature. The zero partner disturbance mattress will help the couple bond better by letting them sleep together in peace. It is a great multi activity mattress that will improve the intimacy factor and peaceful nature of their personal life. It is a mattress that gives responsive body support and is great for their health too. On the other hand, it is also a bouncy and soft mattress which gives a cozy and snug feeling to the bedroom. 


Nexa mattress 

If you want to gift the couple something ultra luxurious, then pick our Nexa mattress. The Nexa mattress provides a plush and soft surface to sleep on so the couple will only get sweet dreams of love every night. The mattress is also very breathable and cool with contour hugging and responsive body support. All these features make it an all rounder which can improve the sleep quality of the newlyweds by manifold. The anti-skid and sidewall technology built into the mattress also make it perfect for intimate activities between the newlyweds. This mattress is a durable and stable choice which the couple will enjoy for years. 


Indian weddings are interesting and rich because of the gifts exchanged and given to the couple. When gifting to a newly married couple, try to choose unique and beautiful gifts that are of practical use for the newlyweds. At Sleepwell, we create new and unique mattresses that are the perfect wedding gift for every new couple. 


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