Better Sleep for Better Breathing: Mattress Options for Allergy Sufferers

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Are you suffering from allergies or sensitive to dust mites? You need to upgrade your mattress on time. If you are still using your old mattress, you must change it to be aware of dust mites, which can trigger allergies. For allergy sufferers, you need to choose a mattress that reduces exposure to allergens and gives you a healthier sleep environment. 

At Sleepwell, we have several mattress types that are designed specifically for individuals who are suffering from allergies. Moreover, our mattresses are equipped with Neem Fresche technology. It is an advanced anti-microbial technology to protect sleepers from dust mites, breathing disorders, and allergies. Hence, you will witness better breathing while sleeping using our mattress. 

So, we have a wide range of mattresses that will provide you with the best level of comfort and support with its side support, enhanced breathability, and plush fabric. Moreover, the mattress has hypoallergenic properties to minimise triggering allergic reactions leading to breathing problems. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the Neem Fresche technology equipped in our mattress collection, which boosts better breathing and sleeping at night without the fear of allergic reactions with mite-proof bedding. In this comprehensive guide, we will also discuss our top mattresses under this category. 


Overview of Neem Fresche Technology

The inspiration behind the Neem Fresche technology is the medicinal properties of neem leaves. The neem tree is native to the Indian subcontinent. It has been used for ages in traditional medicine. Moreover, it is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as insect-repellent properties. By researching and studying the potential benefits of neem to promote wellness and hygiene, we have incorporated its benefits into our mattress by developing the Neem Fresche technology. It is the best aid for people who are allergic to dust mites.

 So, this technology is one of their revolutionary advancements that has transformed the hygiene and comfort level of the mattress. Neem Fresche Technology is integrated with the natural benefits of neem leaves and advanced scientific formulation. This combination creates a super powerful solution to keep the mattress clean and hygienic. It contains neem extracts and neem-derived compounds inside the mattress fabric and foam layers. 

Features of Neem Fresche Technology Equipped in Sleepwell Mattress 

The mattress collection with neem-infused materials that work synergistically to offer a wide range of properties for better breathing while sleeping:

Antibacterial Protection – Neem has compounds that can exhibit strong antibacterial properties. It is incorporated into the mattress's materials. The neem compounds will inhibit bacterial growth. This will promote a healthier and cleaner sleep environment.
Antifungal Properties – In damp and humid conditions, mattresses can lead to mould and mildew accumulation. It contributes to a risk to your mattress hygiene. It will also harm your indoor air quality. With our Sleepwell mattress with Neem Fresche technology, fungal growth can be prevented. The growth of the organism will be restricted. It will further reduce the potential risk of triggering allergies and respiratory problems associated with mould exposure.
Insect Repellent Properties – Neem is famous for its insect-repellent properties due to the presence of compounds such as azadirachtin. When the neem extract with Neem Fresche technology is incorporated into the mattress material, it will prevent common household pests such as dust mites, mosquitoes, and bedbugs. This makes our mattress a dust mite protector mattress, which minimises the risk of allergic reactions, contamination, and reactions.
Odour Control – Apart from antimicrobial effects and insect-repellent properties, neem also works as a natural deodorizer. It will neutralise unpleasant odours and keep your mattress fresh and clean. This will be helpful for sleepers who are prone to night sweats and for people living in humid climates where odour is a major concern. The Neem Fresche Technology will help to control the mattress all day.

Benefits of Neem Fresche Technology Aiding In Better Sleep

Sleepwell Mattress, equipped with Neem Fresche technology, comes with incredible benefits for consumers. Check out the benefits below;

Promotes Enhanced Hygiene – The technology will aid in effectively combating microbes and insects. Further, it will promote a clean and hygienic sleeping environment by eliminating the risk of allergies, infections, and skin reactions.
Witness Long-lasting Protection – As discussed earlier, the mattress comes with neem antimicrobial properties, which are incorporated within the mattress materials in order to offer continuous protection. It will restrict microbial growth and offer long-lasting protection with an enhanced lifespan.
Eco-Friendly Benefits – The Neem Fresche technology in our mattress harnesses the natural properties of neem. This makes it an eco-friendly product without the necessity of adding any harsh chemicals or pesticides to treat the mattress. 
Get Healthier Sleep – Our mattress with Neem Fresche technology will give you a clean and allergen-free sleeping environment, which will contribute to good respiratory health. This will be specifically helpful for individuals who are suffering from asthma, skin problems, and allergies. 
Increases Lifespan of the Mattress – As the technology will prevent microbial growth, insect breeding, and odour buildup, this will help to enhance the lifespan of the mattress. The technology offers long-term durability and boosts strength and performance.
Offers Peace of Mind – Consumers will rest peacefully, knowing that their mattress is treated with advanced protection against dust mites and microbes. It will eliminate common hygiene issues and let you focus and enjoy a good night's sleep with better breathing.

Top Sleepwell Mattresses Equipped With Neem Fresche technology

Here is the list of best-rated mattress collections equipped with this advanced technology;


Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress

Our Latex Plus Mattress is made of elite latex, offering you pressure-free sleep. It is an advanced synthetic latex mattress known for its exceptional pressure point relief. The major features of the mattress are its gentle feel, 15.0 cm thickness, uniform pressure distribution, superior bounce, and anti-skid fabric. 

The mattress also offers superior air circulation and breathability. The mattress has Neem Fresche Technology to protect you from dust mites, breathing disorders, and allergic reactions. The main component of the mattress is its Latex Plus foam. The ingenious Latex Plus foam offers luxurious comfort with greater resilience. It will offer you a bouncy surface feel. The mattress will offer superior comfort with great pressure point relief. 

Moreover, the mattress comes with exceptional resilience that boosts flexibility. You will witness optimal body support, pressure distribution, and great recovery. The best part of this mattress is that it comes with hypoallergenic properties, making it resistant to dust mites and mould. Overall, you will get luxury comfort with better breathing during your night's sleep.


Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

The Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress also comes with a three-zone advantage. It is designed to align your spine correctly to give it a natural state. The key features of the mattress are its medium firm feel with 15.0 cm thickness, complete spinal adaptation, responsive support, healthy breathability, and anti-skid feature. The impression foam layer inside the mattress will adapt naturally to the contours of your body. 

It will offer a gentle fit and distribute pressure evenly. Its shape adjustment feature will also improve blood circulation. Impression foam is an innovative breakthrough that is independent of ambient temperature. Hence, it will offer a similar level of comfort in every season. It also has a layer of Sleepwell Resitec foam, which offers greater flexibility and great comfort at pressure points. 

The medium-firm feel of the mattress will give a comfortable bounce and optimal body support. The exclusive feature is its 3-zone pocket spring that supports proper spinal alignment and lets you adopt the right posture with its anatomical design. The pocket springs are zoned in the mattress to suit specific pressure points and curves of the body with high-pressure relief. The mattress is incorporated with Neem Fresche Technology, which prevents microbes and dust mites.


Sleepwell Pro Nexa Premium Mattress

Get pro-level comfort and support from Sleepwell Nexa Premium Mattress. The mattress is equipped with European knitted fabric that boosts luxury softness. It will offer you a soft comfort with a gentle bounce while sleeping. The combination of Sleepwell Pro Nexa foam and Quiltec foam will offer a better response and comfort feel. The Nexa foam is a smart recovery foam that lets easy body movement. 

It will offer 67% good body conformance, 27% quick heat dissipation, and 32% great pressure relief. Resitec Foam with Acuprofile support layer is a revolutionary feature with advanced contouring technology incorporated with a 3-zone system. This offers exceptional support and enhanced ventilation to give you a rejuvenating sleep experience. The Sleepwell Resitec foam of this Nexa mattress will offer you the best flexibility. 

Moreover, the mattress has engineered sidewall technology, which boosts aesthetic beauty and enhances its durable properties and ability to support both edges of the mattress. Also, it improves contour retention and evenly distributes pressure distribution. It will offer you an allergy-resistant bedding environment with Neem Fresche Technology. 

Wrapping It Up!

Looking for allergy-friendly mattress collections? The above-discussed mattress will be your best pick. At our store, all the mattresses are equipped with Neem Fresche Technology. So, you can choose the one that matches your sleeping needs and budget estimation. To get the best mattress with allergy protection aids, visit our Sleepwell store. 


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