A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Price for Your Queen-Size Mattress

Posted on: 15 May 2024

For a restful sleep, a good quality mattress is really important. When we talk about a queen-size mattress, then a comfortable and cosy sleep comes to mind for couples and individuals who want a relaxed stretch on the mattress.

However, with so many options available for queen-size mattresses, it is difficult for customers to choose the right one that fits their needs and budget. 

We are here to help you find the best queen-size mattress that will fit your comfort and price. Also, we will share about queen-size mattresses’ features, where to find them, and some other important information.


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Factors affecting the Queen-size mattress Price:

There are several factors to consider when considering the cost of a queen-size mattress. Let’s dive into these factors that affect different price ranges.

For Whom You Are Buying The Mattresses?

If you are buying a queen-size mattress, then it is a slightly pricey investment due to its size. Our Sleepwell queen-size mattresses are coming in sizes 60 to 80 inches. These sizes can be large for the child.

If your child is above 15 years old, then the queen-size one can be a cost-effective option in the future. Our Pocket-Spring Basic (Achiever) Mattress comes with a medium-firm feel that is perfect for your growing child.

Suppose you are buying for adults or couples, then a queen-size mattress can be a good investment. The perfect comforts and cosiness that some couples need can be easily found in a queen-size mattress. 

Even if you both are active partners, then our queen-size mattress range comes with no partner disturbance features. Try our Premia mattress online, which has a pillow top finish, medium firmness, and zero partner disturbance and comes in the price range of 15,620 INR only.

For older people, a queen-size mattress may not be a good fit. As many senior citizens don’t feel comfortable in a big bed, they need smaller beds where they don’t need to do unnecessary toss and turns and have a comfortable feel in smaller mattresses.

While looking for mattresses for them, you should consider facts like height, health issues, and their needs.


Size Of The Room:

Room size plays a major role when selecting bed sizes or mattress sizes. If you have decided to buy a queen-size mattress, then the first thing you should consider is the room space. 

If your room is large or medium-large, then you can go to buy a queen-size mattress, which can be a cost-saving option. Otherwise, for a small room, not only is the queen-size mattress an expensive option, but the size can also reduce your overall room’s utility space.


Material Type:

There are several material types of queen-size mattresses available in our store, which are of different price ranges according to features. Let’s consider these mattresses’ material types and their prices and features.

Coir mattresses- These mattresses are made from Coconut husk, which is a sustainable option. Also, the mattresses are medium-firm and don't easily change their shape, which helps prevent motion transfer and gives you a comfortable sleep.
Natural Latex Mattresses- Our natural latex mattresses are made from natural latex from rubber trees and come with several mattress firmness levels, which gives you a nice and sound sleep and supports your body and sleeping postures. Our Latex Plus Mattress price can be higher than the price online, which is around 54000 INR. Still, it can be a cost-saving option in the future due to its longevity and great mattress features.
Memory Foam Mattresses -Memory Foam Queen-size mattress price can be a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for a cost-effective mattress for his/her room. Our memory foam mattresses in queen-size mattresses come with affordable price ranges, featuring anti-microbial technology, motion isolation, comfort, and even air distribution. Try our Spine-tech Air Luxury mattresses, which have the best support for spine health, breathability, and medium-soft filling and come with a price range of 22,560 INR only.
Pocket Spring Mattresses- The cost of a queen-size mattress for pocket spring material is a cost-saving option. These mattresses are made from a single coil that is wrapped into the mattress's fabric. These are highly breathable and provide constant firmness, so most people love these mattresses due to their adaptability to body posture. Our Pocket-spring-Basic (Achiever) mattresses come with a medium-firm feel, proper body support, and a soft top feel in a price range of 10,198 INR only.
Resitec Mattresses- If you are looking for a cheaper option in queen-size mattresses, then our resitech mattress will be perfect for you. These mattresses feature a premium top-layer feel and medium-soft foam material. Our Star Gold mattress is budget-friendly and comes with a price range of 7000 INR featuring spine alignment, good air circulation, medium-firm feel, flexible resitec foam, and dual-tone fabric, giving you a perfectly good night's sleep on your queen-size mattress.
Hi-tech mattress- For those who want to benefit from both memory foam and latex mattresses, Hitech can be a good choice for a queen-size mattress. But it can be an expensive option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. If you are not a budget constraint, then buy our Cellergise queen-size mattress, featuring India’s first cellergise technology, which has a medium-firm feel, responsive body support, push top feel with a zip cover that will give you a perfect stress-free morning.
Reversible mattress- These mattresses are foam mattresses and come from a budget-friendly group, but they are smart, cost-saving investments at a low price. These mattresses are extremely long-lasting in nature. Our Dual Pro Profiled price mattress queen-size comes in the price range of under 11000 INR, featuring a gentle and firm feel, reversible technology with dual surface feel, and anti-microbial technology that helps in healthy sleeping patterns.

These factors affect the price of our Queen-size mattresses. Apart from that, choosing the right mattress also depends on other things such as health issues like spine, neck, and other ortho and joint pain-related issues.

Some of the customers focus on their sleeping pattern, posture, comfort, and sizes to select the material type and accordingly decide the size -of the mattress. Every person needs different mattresses for different purposes, so they determine the prices.

Features Of Queen-Size Mattress:

If you are looking for a queen-size mattress, then after the budget set, the first thing you should consider is the features of the mattress that come with queen sizes.

Recently, queen-size mattresses have been considered the best for couples, individuals, growing children, or adults due to their standard sizes or dimensions.
Today, in congested cities and towns, where there is very little space, queen-size mattresses perfectly fit into small to medium spaces and provide space for additional furnishing walkable spaces or utility spaces.
Another feature of these mattresses is they come in three types of firmness: firmer, gentle firm, and high firm facility, all in different price ranges.
Also, Queen-size mattresses are cost-effective options to invest in.

Disadvantages Of Queen-size Mattresses:

Several disadvantages are associated with Queen-sized mattresses. Let’s discuss these flaws below.

Queen-size mattresses can’t be a good fit for bigger or smaller spaces. In a big space, a queen-size mattress provides an odd look or looks like a small thing in a place.
These size mattresses are not suitable for people who are above 6 ft. in height. They may not feel so comfortable as per the dimension. Also, people who are short in size will feel the size may be too large for them.
This size may be ideal for couples who are inactive sleepers. Suppose both are active sleepers and then they can feel slightly uncomfortable on the mattress as it may restrict motion control.
Queen-size bed mattress prices can lie on the expensive part. Due to their dimensions, weight, maintenance, used materials, etc., the mattresses and the bedding are both expensive.
This size is not ideal for those couples who have a dog, a kid, or kids. The size does not allow enough space for more than two people.

These are some of the disadvantages of queen-size bed mattresses, which you can face while buying them or after you buy them. Let’s consider where You can get the queen-size mattresses.


If you are looking to buy a queen-size mattress, then you can buy it from in-store or online stores at your convenience. There are several stores, both online and offline, that are available where you can buy a queen-size mattress for your bedroom. 

You can also visit our Sleepwell Stores, which are located in all the major cities across India. If you are an online shopper, then visit our online site, where you can get your favourite queen-size mattresses. Our mattresses are featured in affordable price ranges and several material types, such as health-renowned mattresses and modern technologies.

If you are interested in buying from our stores, then contact our online stores or in-person stores, as we offer excellent customer service to provide you with quality services as well as our warranted products.


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