The True Cost of Sleepless Nights: How a Good Mattress Saves You Money On Healthcare?

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

When people lack sleep, they might suffer from a number of health problems. A person might not be able to get proper sleep every night, and that can lead to major health issues that are difficult to treat. The main issue is that a lot of people fail to identify the symptoms and cause of their insomnia. The mindset of working for long hours and hustling constantly for success leads to the normalisation of sleeplessness. 

Not sleeping and working for late hours is glorified as hard work. However, it is important to understand that you need your body to be 100 percent capable, and for that, you need proper sleep. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours if you want your skin, muscles and bones to work properly. The lack of sleep is a serious problem that should not be ignored. You also need the best mattress for better sleep so that your sleep quality is improved manifold.


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What happens when you are sleep deficient? 

Sleep is the natural way of giving your body rest and allowing it to recover from a day’s stress. If you are sleep deficient, your body will increasingly grow tired and will not be able to complete its biochemical functions. The metabolic reactions and reparative actions of the body’s internal organs will be hampered if you do not sleep properly for long hours. We create mattresses like Cheer mattresses that are good for your bed and help you sleep for long hours. A deep, restorative sleep can fix a lot of health issues. Here is a list of health issues that might occur if you skip sleep every night.


Chronic fatigue 

The most common problem that stems from the lack of sleep is chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is also a sign that either your body is already suffering from health problems or is going to die if you do not take precautions soon. People often do not recognise that they are heavily fatigued and continue to function as such. They also do not realise that this sign is coming out of the lack of sleep and rest. 

Chronic fatigue can affect your lifestyle to a great extent, and you need to improve your sleep pattern if you want to battle it. Moreover, you should also choose a more active lifestyle so that your body does not feel lethargic at all times. The feeling of being tired and lazy can be a major sign of burnout. For better sleep quality, you need a good mattress like our Ortho Pro profiled mattress


Mood swings and depression 

Depression and sleep can be linked strongly. When you are not sleeping properly and for long hours, your mind is also not getting enough rest. When the brain and psyche do not get enough rest, it does not function smoothly. This can lead to anxiety, mood swings, irritability and even hallucinations. If you have a habit of staying up all night and continuing this for days, you can have serious psychological issues. 

Slowly, this can also develop into depression. On the other hand, people who are depressed could also face problems of sleeplessness or sleeping for too long. This can lead to an increase in healthcare costs as you might need therapy sessions and psychiatric help if things escalate. Moreover, irritability and lack of concentration can also lead to a loss of productivity and capability, which can cause monetary and personal losses. 


Weaker immunity 

We live in a world where there is a constant threat of epidemics and pandemics, as seen some years ago. Nothing has made us realise the importance of a strong immune system more than the last few years of battling a pandemic. An epidemic or disease can happen at any time, and you need a properly functioning immune system. 

If you do not get enough sleep, your body could accumulate infections and factors that lead to serious health problems. This can then lead to more hospital visits and rising hospital bills. Some of these infections can be very serious and can lead to permanent damage or death. So, instead of putting your body in danger, create your bed with a good mattress for sleep and give your body the rest it deserves. You can choose our Revital 4.0 mattress for your bed.



People often blame food and diet choices for obesity. While diet choices do play a part in the development of obesity in a person, it is also important to acknowledge that obesity is triggered by a lack of sleep, too. If you lack sleep and are not sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours every night, then the body's metabolism goes haywire and can create an obese body. An obese body can also lead to a lot of major health issues like diabetes, joint pain, heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders. 

In order to reduce your chances of untimely death, you need to embrace a healthy sleep schedule. You need a special mattress for quality sleep and better nighttime habits to improve your health. Obesity is even found in kids as more and more kids are increasing their screen time and do not sleep for optimal hours. A kid’s body needs more sleep than an adult’s body, so it is important to teach them the value of good sleep. For proper development and a healthy body, your child needs to reduce stress and sleep peacefully. 


Increased medical consultations 

People often do not realise that poor quality of sleep every night leads to major health problems. They try to fix their exercise routine and go on a diet without understanding its effects but do not know how to improve their sleep. Making other positive changes in your life can, of course, improve your health. 

However, if you are unable to fix your sleep schedule and improve your sleep quality, all other changes will fail to show any major impact. The lack of sleep makes you sick and incapable. This could also mean that you have to go to the doctor very often, and your healthcare costs will rise. Your consultation fees, medication and other factors related to healthcare will cause a lot of economic pressure on you. 


Autoimmune diseases

The lack of sleep can trigger a lot of comorbidities and disorders like diabetes, which can increase your healthcare costs. Often, autoimmune diseases are not easy to diagnose, and you might spend more money on the diagnosis alone. Conditions like diabetes are difficult to manage and cannot be cured your entire life. 

This can also mean that your body will always need assistance in controlling its metabolic process. Such chronic diseases that need management will lead to high healthcare costs at all times. Instead of being prepared for higher healthcare costs, it is much easier to browse through our collection of mattresses and choose a good mattress that helps your body rest. Like all other steps to stay healthy, this small step is very important.


Accidents and emergency 

Insomnia and the lack of rest can also increase your risk of sudden accidents or collapse. With insomnia, it is easier for the person to be clumsy and lack concentration, which can cause accidents. As your body lacks rest, it can suffer from accidents in situations that are otherwise not dangerous. If you face a sudden accident, the need to go to a hospital arises.

Insomnia can cause issues with your control and coordination, so you might fall or bump into something. While at first, these accidents are small, you never know when this kind of accident becomes a larger mishap. This can also lead to death or permanent damage to the body. This will not only lead to the loss of money for treatment and recovery but also lead to mobility issues that will persist. The healthcare costs will rise if you face a sudden accident. 


Indirect losses 

The problem of insomnia causes a lot of indirect setbacks that can cost you more money. These are called indirect because people do not usually tie the situation with insomnia as they fail to recognise the signs. Because of insomnia, you might see a sudden drop in productivity. 

As productivity drops, people will not be able to work properly and complete their daily tasks. This can also lead to loss of economic security and personal peace. The lack of concentration and productivity can also lead to problems such as disability early in life or the inability to work, which can reduce your economic independence and make you dependent on others. 


Knowing how sleeplessness can affect all spheres of your life, you need to take steps to improve your sleep quality. One of the easiest things that you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and the length of the sleep cycle is to switch the old mattress with a new mattress from a good mattress brands. At Sleepwell, you can find the best supportive and comfortable mattresses to sleep on. A good quality mattress and pillow set will refresh your body, improving your health to a great extent. 


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