The Science of Sleep: Understanding the Stages and How Mattresses Can Help

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

Sleep is a natural process of the body which is very important for its daily functioning. Sleeping soundly is a sign that your body is healthy and you are able to rest when you need it. There is a science related to sleep, which is also related to the circadian rhythm of the body. Your body needs sleep every night, and it might also need occasional naps, which are completely normal. 

What is not normal is staying up late at night and losing sleep due to a condition called insomnia. However, most people suffer from insomnia these days because of the heavy stress that they encounter in their day-to-day lives. People who are unable to sleep or have disturbed sleeping patterns could face a lot of problems in their daily lives. The lack of sleep can lead to mental health problems and physical health problems. 


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Why is sleep important? 

Sleep is important for your body because it helps in repairing the body's muscles and bones. Sleeping is a natural rest for the body, which helps the mind relax and the muscles repair. Sleep is also good for your skin because it helps the skin cells repair and renew. Sleeping peacefully every day means that your hormones are under control and you are healthy internally. 

People who have high cortisol levels and hormone imbalance often struggle with sleeplessness. Therefore, to improve your sleep, you have to improve your health, and to improve your sleep, you have to deepen your sleep. Sleep has a profound impact on your memory retention levels, muscle recovery process and other metabolic processes. Just like a day should be filled with activity, your nights should be filled with sleep. 


Stages of sleep 

To understand the science of sleep better, you need to understand the stages of sleep. The stages of sleep are broadly divided into REM sleep and Non-REM sleep. Non-REM Sleep is the one that happens at first, and it is light sleep. It is when the body relaxes, and the heartbeat slows down to reach the resting stage. 

The muscles of your body also start to relax, which can help you sleep better. An undisturbed non-REM sleep leads to a deeper REM sleep. In between the Non-REM stage, the eye movements stop, and your eyeballs are completely still. The body temperature also drops, and so you start feeling cold. This is why when we start to sleep, we should use a blanket. 

The last stage of NREM sleep is important as it helps your immune system recover. This is when your body is in auto-repair mode, and it is very difficult to get the person out of the NREM sleep stage. The body is fully relaxed, and the brain gives off delta brain waves during this stage. This is a very important stage because this is the stage where your cells renew and regenerate. 


REM stage 

The REM stage of sleep happens during the deep stage of sleep. REM sleep is one that shows sudden and rapid movement of eyeballs. People are generally not aware of the movement of REM eyeballs. The breathing and heart rate of the person increases during this stage. The muscles become paralysed, and some people experience sleep paralysis during this stage. When the body is at rest, brain activity is increased, and this is the time when people have dreams and memory recall. 

Sleep is a natural phenomenon that has many aspects and is a complex one to understand. However, it is amazing how the human body naturally knows when to shut off and rest. Only under abnormal conditions people are unable to sleep. If a person remains awake for long hours, he can be chronically fatigued and experience hallucinations and irritation. The loss of sleep can make someone disoriented and stressed out at all times. 

A comfortable mattress in India can help you sleep better so that you get more rest and recover from the stress you feel during the day. Sometimes, our brain cannot shut off the stress factors that we have experienced in the day. The brain can feel relaxed if you create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. The bed mattress that you choose plays a huge role in this. In the next section, you will learn about how a good mattress in India can improve your sleep quality. 

A good mattress for better sleep at night 

Here are the factors of a good mattress that you should check for a comfortable and deep sleep at night. 


Mattress depth 

The mattress you choose from the collection of mattresses should have a good thickness and give enough depth to the bed for you to sleep comfortably on a soft surface. The thickness of the mattress should be at least 5 inches. Any mattress that is thicker than that is good, but it should not be too soft. 

You should not sink into the mattress. Our mattresses are thick and deep, which gives you an even surface to sleep on without any worry. The mattress depth of our premium mattresses, like the Naturalle 1.0 mattress, is 9 inches. It is a thick mattress that feels like a fluffy cloud when you sleep. 


Support and firmness

A good quality mattress is best for your body, not only for its softness but also for the support it provides your body. The body should be well supported during your sleep so that you can sleep properly for at least 8 hours. During all stages of your sleep, the body should have minimal disturbance. The muscles and bones of the body should also be supported well by the layers of the mattress. 

We specialise in medium-firm mattresses that are a balance of soft and firm so your body rests well and wakes up feeling fresh. In our collection, you will find mattresses that are stable and durable, so you face zero disturbance when sleeping. Each one of our mattresses, like the Premia mattress, comes with an anti-sagging characteristic. 


Breathable mattress

Your body temperature dips during the stages of sleep. When resting on a mattress, you should feel comfortable and cool so your body does not feel claustrophobic. The temperature and airy nature of the mattress matter a lot. You need to find a mattress that has breathable layers so that the mattress top remains cool and gives you a cool surface to sleep on. 

If you sleep on a bad mattress, you might wake up because the temperature of the bed is warm or you are sweating. Each mattress in our collection has a fabric top layer on it so that you can rest easily on a soft and cool surface. When you choose to sleep on our mattresses, you do not sweat in your sleep and sleep like a baby in a cocoon. The top layer also has cushioning and quilting, which gives a soft feel to the bed. 


Pressure point relief

What improves your sleep quality is unwinding and letting the physical and mental pressure go. Pressure point relief can be difficult if you do not have a good mattress on your bed. You need an ortho mattress from our collection, which gives firm support to your body and relieves pressure from the muscles. 

The ortho and Spinetech mattresses of our range reduce pain and pressure from the body so that your muscles can go into deep relaxation during sleep. This improves sleep quality and the pace of muscle recovery in the body. 



One of the best qualities of a good mattress is that it is hypoallergenic and dustproof. The mattress should be gentle on your body and skin. It should not accumulate dust and lead to infections or allergies.  We craft our mattresses with the best natural and safe materials so that your skin is safe from rashes. 

By sleeping on our mattresses, you do not catch any infections or health problems. All our mattresses come with Neem Fresche technology, which keeps the mattress clean and odour-free for a long time. The mattress remains safe from insects and microbes so you can get a healthy sleep. 


Multiple layers

A good mattress is always layered and has multiple layers of foam and material in it. Our mattresses are of great quality because they have multiple layers of different kinds of foam in them. Some of our mattresses have wave-zoned foam for back contouring and can have layers of Resitec foam for better support. Some of our mattresses can be a mixture of PU foam and memory foam. 

The top layers have multiple layers of quilting and fabric on them so that you can sleep really well on a natural-feeling surface. We plan the different layers of the mattresses so that you can sleep properly and get multiple benefits from it. For example, a bed mattress for back pain will be different from a generic mattress that has fewer layers. 


There are multiple options available in our sleeping mattress range that you can check for your bed. Our mattresses are specially designed to improve people's sleep quality. At Sleepwell, we pay special attention to the way mattresses are made by knowing the science of restful sleep.  


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