Struggling with Sleepless Nights? Discover the Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions for Insomnia

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

These days, it is common for people to lose sleep and struggle with sleeplessness. Sleeplessness is so common among people that it is often seen as hard work and hustle. While working hard is important, insomnia should not be celebrated. Insomnia is not a good sign, and it can be linked with multiple health problems. Along with working hard in the day, you also need complete rest at night. 

If you have been wondering why I can’t sleep at night, you should look at this article and find solutions to your problem of insomnia. We make it our mission to solve the problem of insomnia so people can rest for long hours and lead a healthy life. While we make tested and high-quality mattresses for people, we also know that sleeping habits need to change for a positive shift in this situation. 


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Causes of insomnia 

Even the best mattress in our collection, like the Pro Nexa Premium mattress, will not be able to bring you the blessing of deep sleep if your life is burdened by even one of these causes of insomnia. For proper sleep, you need to understand the causes of insomnia and opt for targeted solutions. Here are the different causes of sleeplessness that you might identify with. 


Stress and anxiety  

Stress and anxiety are mental health issues that are pretty common today. People who face high-stress environments and high-stress factors in their lives are often insomniacs. For example, people who are struggling in their workspace and lack work-life balance often are unable to sleep because of the mounting pressure they face every day. Even students might turn into insomniacs if they are facing stress and pressure to perform better. 

This might make you feel like you are positively trying to put effort into your life, but actually, it negatively affects your sleep cycle and daytime productivity. Even the best mattress for sleep will not give you great results if you have a stress-ridden mind. If your mind is stuck in an anxious loop of worry, it will not calm down to sleep enough. 


Poor Sleep habits 

Poor sleep habits can also be the reason for sleeping disorder symptoms in a person. If you do not have proper sleeping habits that help your mind and body relax, you will not be able to get all the benefits of restful sleep. The answer to the question of how to solve insomnia lies in improving your existing sleep habits. 

Everyone sleeps, but the quality of sleep depends highly on your habits. For example, if you have the habit of scrolling through your phone for hours after dinner, your body does not get enough time to switch off and restfully. Moreover, if you sleep in a bad posture on an old mattress, then sleep harms you more than it improves your life. 


Environmental factors 

Along with your own lifestyle and stress levels, it is also possible that insomnia develops because of the environmental factors around you. For example, if you constantly live in a noisy atmosphere or the lights of your bedroom are always on, your body becomes very stressed, and you will feel sleepless every night. You might face difficulty in properly sleeping, and when you sleep, your rest will not be adequate when the environment is not the right one. 

Moreover, you might struggle to sleep if your bedroom temperature is warm or hot, a problem that families face in India. In this heat wave, people find it difficult to sleep in their rooms even when the fan is working. You need a cool gel-infused mattress like Latex Plus mattress that remains cool and dry at all times. From temperature to light, environmental stimuli play a huge part in determining how well you sleep. 


Symptoms of insomnia 

Before you ask how do I cure Insomnia by taking steps and taking medicines, you need to have a look at the symptoms of insomnia. A combination of the causes and symptoms will tell you about the approach you need to cure insomnia. Sometimes, these symptoms can be difficult to identify because they are so ingrained in our lifestyle. It is important to stay informed about the signs of insomnia so you can rectify your sleep cycle. 


Difficulty in falling asleep 

People who are very stressed and worry a lot are also the ones who do not sleep easily. If you feel like your body is tightly wound and your mind is occupied by something nagging, it could be because of the stress you have in mind. As stress is linked with insomnia, it can manifest as difficulty in falling asleep. 

If you have a problem with insomnia, the difficulty might seem like a normalised habit. The average time taken by a healthy person to fall asleep if he or she does not use any distractions is 20 to 30 minutes. If you stay awake for hours and keep waking up, then it is a major sign of insomnia. 


Early morning wake-up 

Do not get us wrong, waking up early is a good habit. However, it is only good when you pair it with the habit of going to bed early. If you are not going to bed on time and wake up early in the morning, then your body is sleep-deprived and suffers from a type of insomnia. This means that your body is too stressed to rest completely and wakes up within a short frame of time. 

Ideally, you should not wake up from sleep until the 7-hour mark is reached. It is okay if you wake up to go to the washroom once in the middle of sleep, but you should not be waking up frequently or very early in the morning. These are signs that you have a disruptive sleep cycle, and your sleep quota is not getting fulfilled. 


Day time fatigue 

Feeling tired is a very common feeling and is completely acceptable if you have been working hard during the day and then come home tired to sleep and rest. However, if you are struggling with a sense of fatigue during the time and your body is tired even to do the basic tasks of the day, then you are suffering from a lack of proper sleep. 

If you wake up with a sense of fatigue and soreness, then your sleep is not delivering its benefits. For deep sleep, you need to change your mattress to a supportive and reviving mattress like the Revital 2.0. Your sleep should be so good that you wake up feeling fresh and happy to see another day. If you keep yawning and procrastinating during the day, it means that your mind and body are not well rested. 


Solutions for insomnia 

As the best mattress company in India, we can say that choosing one of our premium mattresses, like the Mable mattress, can reduce your chances of losing sleep. The bed has to be perfect and peaceful so you can sleep deeply. However, there are also other solutions that you need to adopt if your problem of sleeplessness is not going away.


Improve sleep habits 

First, look in the ward and identify the mistakes you have made in your sleep schedule and sleep habits. You need to maintain a proper schedule to sleep on time so your body knows when to sleep and becomes well-regulated. This is a very natural way of inducing sleep, and you need discipline to do it. Moreover, you should create a bed that you are excited to go back to. 

Apart from a suitable mattress, you should also use a high-quality and interesting bedding set so you feel comfortable and safe in bed. Choose patterns that are soothing and meaningful to you when setting up the bed. Keep the bedsheets and pillows safe so you feel fresh and relaxed at night. Improvement in sleep habits can translate into a more stable sleep schedule that helps you de-stress. 


Lifestyle changes

Apart from your bedtime routine, your lifestyle also needs to change. You need to identify the factors that are making you stressed and resolve these. For example, you might be taking more caffeine during the evening, which keeps you up at night. Your diet might be inadequate, and your body might be facing metabolic stress. 

Moreover, your physical exercise regime might not be enough for you to feel sleepy at night. So, you need to make changes in your lifestyle and adopt better habits so you can sleep better at night. For example, you can sip chamomile tea during the evening to relax your nerves and get ready to sleep. 


At Sleepwell, we study the science of sleep in detail to create mattresses that help you sleep peacefully. Apart from a good quality mattress set, we also recommend a change of lifestyle and a consistent bedtime routine for better sleep. Instead of medication and sleeping pills, there are many natural ways in which you can improve sleep and reduce the amount of stress you are facing. 


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