Explore the Best Guided Sleep Meditations for Restful Sleep and Insomnia Relief

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

Meditation is an activity that truly calms you down and makes your mind silent. The process of meditation aids relaxation and helps you sleep better. The practice of meditation can help you sleep deeply and enjoy the restorative effects of sleep to the best limit. We, of course, recommend our amazing mattress collection to buy mattresses online and get them for your bed, but let us be honest: apart from mattresses, you also need proper sleeping habits so that your mind and body truly relax. 

The habit of meditation for stress is something that helps you sleep even better. Everyone lives a very stressful lifestyle today, and to combat daily stress, you need a positive shield, which is meditation. In this article, we suggest the best mattress online for you and also tell you how to adopt the practice of guided meditation for sleep. 


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What is a guided meditation? 

You have bought our Pro Nexa luxury mattress, and you are ready to upgrade your bed to a soft and comfortable sleep cocoon. However, before you step into the cocoon, you want to shed all your daily stress so you can sleep better. One thing that will help you sleep like a baby on a new mattress is guided meditation. 

Guided meditation is a process where you listen to an audio or a video, and a meditation expert takes you through the process of calming down by following some steps and regulating your breathing pattern. Guided meditation is usually preferred by people because most people are not certified to carry out the meditation process on their own. They would perform the meditation process better if they were guided through it by an instructor. 

Therefore, guided meditation videos are so popular these days. People can easily access the meditation videos on video platforms, and the audio versions are also available on the phone. Guided meditation transports you to a different world and, with paced instructions, calms you down completely before you sleep. Such meditation processes are best for people who struggle with anxiety and sleeplessness. 

You can also follow these meditation practices if you want to relax and avoid mental health disorders. Most of the guided meditation audios and videos have a combination of relaxation and visualisation techniques that help the mind relax over a short period of time. Guided meditations can be used when you are sitting, but it is best if you lie down if you are getting ready for sleep. 

A simple example of a guided meditation can be a beach scene that the instructor’s words transport you to and help you relax by detailing the visualisation process in a detailed description. As you mentally go to the beach scene, you can also easily relax and leave your worries behind. Before you start the meditation process for relaxation, you should create a relaxing environment around you.

Tips to follow before sleep meditation 

Here are some tips and actions that will make the most of your sleep meditation process and help you relax completely. If you want to let go of your stress and sleep very soundly, then try to use these tips before you start the guided meditation process. 


Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom

If you have already set up the basics of your bedroom with a sturdy bed frame and our Impressions mattress, it is now time to pay attention to the mattress. In your bedroom, the bed is the primary element, but to elevate your sleep experience, you need to create a calm environment. Before you lie down for your pre-sleep meditation session, make sure you set up the room with meditative music and calming elements like mildly scented candles. 

Turn on the AC and make the room cooler, as your body needs to cool down for its sleep cycle to start. A cool room and a cool bed are like heaven when you are trying to sleep. For a cool and dry bed, you can also choose our Naturalle 1.0 mattress. Put comfortable cotton or satin bed sheets that will improve your sleep experience. You should also dim the lights and only keep a reading or ambient lighting on so your mind can shut off.

This will also reduce the distractions as you drift into deep sleep meditation. You can also use earplugs prior to the meditation session to reduce the noise and create a silent environment for your mind. This will help your mind slip into sleep and concentrate on meditation more. 


Stay consistent 

A lot of people think that meditation should be an occasional thing. People feel like they have achieved something if they follow through with a guided meditation once. While the start is the most difficult and is commendable, it is important to stay consistent with the habit of meditation. 

The whole point of meditation is to calm down and tell your mind to shut off so you can sleep. To create a sleep cycle, you need to be consistent in the habit of pre-sleep meditation. Once your bedtime approaches, make it a habit to start guided meditation so that you can train your mind to rest and go towards sleeping when the time approaches. 

In this way, the habit of meditation can fix your circadian rhythm. You need dedication and determination to create a sleep schedule and stick to it. 


Limit screen time 

Increased screen time is an evil that plagues almost everyone today. If you want to sleep peacefully, make it a habit to reduce your screen time. If you can develop the habit of limiting the screen time as evening approaches, your mind will rest easily. The radiation, heat and blue light emission that you get from screens disrupt your sleeping pattern to a great extent. 

Even if you are following guided meditation audio, it will not help you if you have been watching reels before that or getting up to watch the screen after it. At least one hour before the meditation session, you should keep your gadgets away. 

Even during the meditation session, increase the volume and keep the phone away from your body. When you head to bed, do not take your phone or tablet to bed. If you still feel like doing something, read a book or write in your diary. Limiting screen time will make you less irritable the next morning and also protect your eyes. 


Use headphones 

Whether you are using a guided meditation audio or a video, use it after you have paired your earphones with your gadget. Use immersive audio with headphones or earphones so you can truly immerse yourself in the audio and let your mind relax without any disturbances.

Headphones can cut off all other sounds from the bedroom and let you focus on the meditation audio so your mind relaxes completely. You can use wireless headphones as they are more convenient to use and pair with phones. 

This way, you actually do not have to keep your mobile phone or laptop near you and can limit your screen time. The use of good quality headphones can transport you to a new world and help you sleep peacefully. 


Be patient 

Meditation is a process that takes time to show its full benefits. Unlike our Esteem mattress, which is easy to set up, meditation is a skill that develops through patience and consistency. It is possible that when you first start sleep meditation, you face some focus problems or do not feel the benefits. 

But the more you follow a meditation pattern, the more your mind gets accustomed to it, and you can truly relax. When you are consistent with the habit over the period of one or two months, the practice of meditation will give you deeper relaxation. You have to be patient with meditation before you see promising results. 

However, guided meditations are best because they are designed to be easily followed, and you do not need a strong meditation habit for them to be successful. When going to meditate before sleep, do not take the pressure off results and go with the flow.


Use other relaxation techniques 

When going for pre-sleep meditation, remember the aim is to sleep better, and if there are some pre-sleep relaxation techniques that you feel comfortable with, you should also combine them with your guided meditation session. 

For example, you can go for a warm bath if you want to cleanse yourself before the meditation session. 

You can also pursue a hobby that makes you feel positive before you head for the meditation session. 


When you are heading to bed, you should take the approach of shutting off your lights and changing your room ambience so it is more conducive for a restful night. At Sleepwell, we create mattresses that support deep sleep and complete relaxation for sleepers so they wake up without any major stress and pain. Along with the right choice of mattress, you need to choose a meditation practice that suits your style of relaxation.  


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